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ESRD Update: Transitioning to New ESRD Conditions for Coverage

Student Manual and Training Documents from training seminar on September 23 - 26, 2008, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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File ESRD Update: Transitioning to New ESRD Conditions for Coverage - Cover File
File Medicare and Medicaid Programs: Conditions for Coverage for End-Stage Renal Disease Facilities, Final Rule File
File Dialysis Lab Tests At a Glance File
File Measures Assessment Tool (MAT) File
File Measures Assessment Tool (MAT) 2 File
File Outline of the Basic ESRD Survey Process File
File Personnel & PA-POC Correlation File
File Principles of Documentation Overview File
File RD 52: Water Dialysate Chart Flowsheet File
File End Stage Renal Disease Facilities V-Tags & Identifiers File
File Student Manual File
File Presentation: "Transitioning to New Conditions for Coverage" File
File Presentation: "Using the ESRD Survey Process for the 2008 Conditions for Coverage" File
File Presentation: "Condition: Infection Control" File
File Presentation: "Reuse: Or...Everything You Never Really Understood About Reuse Requirements" File
File Presentation: "Patient Assessment, Patient Plan of Care & Medical Record Review" File
File Presentation: "Condition: Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement" File
File Presentation: "Patients' Rights, Grievances & Involuntary Discharge" File
File Presentation: "Condition: Water & Dialysate Quality" File
File Presentation: "Personnel & Medical Director" File
File Presentation: "Governance, Emergency Preparedness, Laboratory Services, Special Purpose Dialysis Facilities" File
File Presentation: "Survey & Certification Issues" File
File Presentation: "Care at Home: How to Survey Home Training and Support with the New ESRD CfCs" File
File CMS 2567: Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction File
File NWRN Water Treatment Calculator File
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