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        Advocating for the organizations that monitor the quality of chronic kidney disease, dialysis and kidney transplant care in the USA.

Conference Presentations & Handouts

Provided here are final copies of the speaker slide sets.
File chemical/x-mdl-rdfile National Quality Strategies - A. Howard
File Organized Chaos? - J.Perlmutter, M.Sommer, M.Carey
File Citrix ICA settings file Model to Overcome Transition Barriers in Transplantation: R.Formica
File Panel: Models to Overcome Transitions Barriers
File Dialysis Patient Safety Revisited: A.Kliger, J.Kitsen
File New Aspects of the Core Survey: J. Kari
File Using the Core Survey to Determine Safety Culture: B. Greenspan
File Handout: Core Survey resource
This document was provided during the conference by Ms. Greenspan.
File With Safety and Justice For All: B.Noble
Ms. Noble has provided the following references that were to be used during her presentation. Edmondson, A. "Psychological Safety, Trust and Learning: A Group-level Lens." In Trust and Distrust in Organizations: Dilemmas and Approaches, edited by Roderick Kramer and Karen Cook, 239-272. New York: Russell Sage, 2004. Leonard MW, Frankel A. The path to safe and reliable healthcare. Patient Educ Couns. 2010;80(3):288-92.
File Lilypond music sheet Patient's Perspective: V. Elly
File Motivational Interviewing: P. McCarley
File Troff document Panel: Patient Centered Care Toolkit