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MAC Toolkits

The Medical Advisory Council (MAC) of the Forum has created resources to assist facilities in meeting the requirements of the Conditions of Coverage. They are available for free download.

NEW! Medication Conversion Guide

The Medication Conversion Guide was developed by members of the IPRO ESRD Network of New England’s (Network 1) Medical Review Board. The Forum's Medical Advisory Council (MAC) finalized and approved the Guide for national use by all dialysis facilities and providers. The Guide was developed partly in response to concerns expressed by dialysis patients who did not receive their current medications while visiting other dialysis facilities. This tool is intended to assist physicians to convert the dose of a medication a patient is currently receiving, to a substitute medication that is available, or less costly. Medications converted using this tool must be approved or ordered by the patient’s Nephrologist, however, we encourage all care providers and patients to share this guide with their care teams.

NEW! Medication Conversion Guide - Read More…

NEW! Kidney Transplant Toolkit

This toolkit for dialysis clinic staff is a reference tool that gives information about the transplant referral process and guidance to help patients prepare for receiving a kidney transplant.

NEW! Kidney Transplant Toolkit - Read More…

UPDATED 4/12/19: Transitions of Care Toolkit

Updates to this Toolkit include guidance for nephrologists in caring for transient dialysis patients. See pages 99-100 for a an explanation of the new Medication Conversion Guide and a sample Transient Dialysis Patient Form you can customize for your facility. These tools were developed, in part, as a response to concerns expressed by kidney patients serving on the Forum's Board of Directors and Kidney Patient Advisory Council. We welcome your feedback to these updates and all Forum resources:

UPDATED 4/12/19: Transitions of Care Toolkit - Read More…

Assurance of Diabetes Care Coordination Toolkit

Attention: The Assurance of Diabetes Care Coordination Toolkit has been permanently withdrawn from this site. The Forum MAC is considering a Toolkit to address the coordination of care for patients with multiple co-morbidities.

Assurance of Diabetes Care Coordination Toolkit - Read More…

Vaccination Toolkit

Attention: The Vaccination Toolkit has been temporarily withdrawn from this site pending review and update by the Forum's Medical Advisory Council to align with the new CDC Recommendations.

Vaccination Toolkit - Read More…

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