Sharing Highly Effective Practices in the Kidney Community

A Highly Effective Practice is a procedure or set of processes that has been shown by research and/or experience to produce optimal results and that is established or proposed as a practice suitable for widespread adoption. The intention of the Forum of ESRD Network's Sharing Highly Effective Practices Initiative is to provide an opportunity for key stakeholders in the kidney community members to share practices, programs, or activities that have proven successful at improving the care and/or quality of life for kidney patients. Consider the following categories to share best practices from your facility: Treatment Modality, Kidney Transplantation, Quality of Care, Quality of Life/Mental Health/Vocational Rehab, Patient Engagement, Leadership/Staff Development, or Emergency/Disaster Preparedness.

Do you have a Highly Effective Practice to submit for consideration?

Use this Survey Link to submit a brief overview of your project or activity. You will be asked to share general contact information, a brief overview of the activity and outcomes you observed, and any intervention tools used in the project. Upon receipt of your submission, the Forum Coordinator will remove all identifying information and send your project summary to a team of volunteer Forum members who will review your project to confirm it meets the standards outlined above. You will receive confirmation upon receipt of your submission but please allow 2-4 weeks for the review process. If you have questions, you may contact the Forum Office at: PLEASE NOTE: By completing this form, you are granting the Forum of ESRD Networks permission to publicly share information about your project/activity.

Approved Highly Effective Practices

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