Professional Toolkits

The Medical Advisory Council (MAC) of the Forum has created resources to assist facilities in meeting the requirements of the Conditions for Coverage. They are available for free download

Emergency Preparedness in the Dialysis Unit

The link below will bring you to a recording of Forum leaders presenting at the virtual NKF Spring Clinical Meeting in April 2021. David Henner, DO and Donald Molony, MD presented on the topic of emergency preparedness including an overview of the regulations pertaining to emergency preparedness, and the role of the ESRD Networks and KCER (Kidney Community Emergency Response) during an emergency to support dialysis facilities. They also shared their experiences and lessons learned related to multiple recent natural disasters, as well as their experiences participating in the mock full-scale disaster drills in coordination with local emergency response partners.

Medication Conversion Guide

The Medication Conversion Guide was developed by members of the IPRO ESRD Network of New England’s (Network 1) Medical Review Board. The Forum's Medical Advisory Council (MAC) finalized and approved the Guide for national use by all dialysis facilities and providers. The Guide was developed partly in response to concerns expressed by dialysis patients who did not receive their current medications while visiting other dialysis facilities. This tool is intended to assist physicians to convert the dose of a medication a patient is currently receiving, to a substitute medication that is available, or less costly. Medications converted using this tool must be approved or ordered by the patient’s Nephrologist, however, we encourage all care providers and patients to share this guide with their care teams.

Medication Conversion Guide V1.2 - [02/11/2019]

MAC Speaker's Bureau

Members of the Forum's Medical Advisory Council (MAC) are available to provide formal and interactive presentations specific to the MAC's Outpatient Medical Director Toolkit. More information is available in the brochure below.

MAC Speaker's Bureau Brochure

Inpatient Medical Director Toolkit

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Transitions of Care Toolkit

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Outpatient Medical Director Toolkit

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Vaccination Toolkit

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Kidney Transplant Toolkit

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Home Dialysis Toolkit

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QAPI Toolkit

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Catheter Reduction Toolkit

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What's new on the Forum website?

MAC Releases Updated Home Dialysis Toolkit

This toolkit for health providers and practitioners is a reference tool that gives information about overcoming barriers to starting or growing a home dialysis program.

NEW: Home Dialysis Toolkit [2023]

Updated to include:

  • New sections to address AAKH and CfC updates
  • Emergency management of home dialysis patients
  • Impact of ESCOs, ETC Model, Voluntary Models on home therapies
  • Enhanced modality education: transitional care and self care
  • Emerging Technology and the impact and benefits to home therapies
  • Addressing Disparities and Access to Care
  • Home therapy options in the LTC/nursing home setting
  • KPAC Section: Empowering patients and care partners to be successful at home

Read the press release here.

Latest Forum Matters Now Available

The latest Forum Matters Newsletter is now available on the website!

Review current and past issues of Forum Matters here.

MAC Updates Transitions of Care Toolkit

This Toolkit for health providers and practitioners is a reference tool that gives information about challenges in transitions of care and suggestions to help create solutions.

MAC Transitions of Care Toolkit (March 2022)

COVID-19 Vaccination Flyer for Dialysis Patients

Please share this flyer with your dialysis patients

Resources & Links for Kidney Patients

Learn about the New Transplant Toolkit for Patients

This 12-minute video provides an overview of the Toolkit

Is A Kidney Transplant Right for Me?

Project Makefile