2011: "Developing the Infrastructure to Meet Quality Improvement Requirements"

A renal community collaboration, presented by the Forum of ESRD Networks in partnership with dialysis corporations (DaVita, DCI , Fresenius, and Liberty Dialysis) and professional organizations (including the Renal Physicians Association) feels it is time to begin matching quality improvement techniques to the needs of individual organizations. To this end the coalition has planned an educational seminar to discuss how to identify which dialysis units are at risk of underperforming due to a culture that does not understand the processes necessary to produce quality outcomes; how to prepare these dialysis facilities for the changes required to improve care by developing a culture of quality; and how to build on these steps to have sustained improvement in the care of dialysis patients.

This conference was convened at the Westin Baltimore Washington Airport, Linthicum, Maryland on Wednesday, March 16, 2011.

Conference Presentations:

Jay Ginsberg: Moderator

James Bagian: Patient Safety: It's not rocket science

Pam Havermann: How does DCI target at risk clinics

Carolyn Latham: Identifying Facilities That Are Most At-Risk, Part 1

ESRD Network Presenters: Identify Facilities That Are Most At-Risk, Part 1

Franklin W. Maddux: Collaboration

Jenny Kitsen: ESRD Networks and Collaboration Benefits and Challenges

Judith Kari: CMS Survey and Certification Group

Gina Randolph: Collaborating to Optimize Vascular Access

Denise VanValkenburgh: Collaboration: Reducing HAI's

Doug Johnson: How to Change and Sustain Improvement

Peter DeOreo: Developing a sustainable culture of quality & dealing with recidivists


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